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Dialogue: Najat Al-Fares
The Saudi poet Jassim al-Sahih, whose book “Terrains of Delirium” reached the long list of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, confirmed that this award represents a strong motivation for writers, intellectuals and thinkers to continue working on their achievements, as it is a civilizational bridge linking peoples through translating the literatures of different civilizations, explaining His participation in the “Prince of Poets” program in its first edition is an important milestone in his literary career.

Al-Sahih added in an interview with “Al-Khaleej” that poetry is the engineering of the self with words. Geometry is part of the composition of the poem, and poetry is a human experience that pays a price on the ground, suffering, suffering, honesty and a deep feeling. He pointed out that reading heritage with all its creative treasures is very important in our linguistic and creative formation.

How did the environment around you influence the formation of your poetic composition?

– I live in Al-Ahsa Governorate, where I was born and raised, and the Al-Ahsa’i nature is part of the composition of the natures of the Al-Ahsa’is, where souls are green, souls are pure, and hearts are lush with love, such a united nature with people as if it came out of the depths of the human being towards the place, it must have the greatest impact on the poet’s industry Al-Ahsa’i, his poems are affected by the moisture of the earth, mixed with the greenery of trees, and produce crops of goodness, love and beauty.} What is the most important station in your journey?

There are creative stations, and there are media stations, and all of these stations formed my literary career over four decades, and among these stations, I won the Al-Babtain Prize for the best Arabic poem in the nineties of the last century, then my first book was published (My Shadow is My Successor to You), and written by Dr. Ghazi Al-Gosaibi reported it (Al-Ahsa launches a poetic missile), then my media presence in (Prince of Poets Program) in its first edition.

* What did the study of engineering add to your poetic career?

– Poetry is also the engineering of the self with words, engineering is part of the composition of the poem, but most importantly, I joined early in my life to Saudi Aramco as a mechanical engineer, and this made me not think much about living, and this matter made me preoccupied with my poem more, unlike some poets Those who are forced to search for livelihood neglect the poem often.


* You are characterized by abundance of production and some confirm the quality of your hair, how did you achieve this equation?

Poetry is not just linguistic formulations that the imagination produces for free, but it is a human experience that is paid for on the ground, suffering, suffering, honesty and a deep feeling in the self. It is trying to maintain this balance between the inside and the outside so that we do not collapse and break.

* What is the source of inspiration in your hair?

– Life and its experiences are an inspirational source, and this applies to everything in life and not only talking about women, or the homeland alone, or others, but there is another source as well, which is the art itself. We are affected aesthetically to the extent that this reading inspires us to write, and thus art comes from art.

* To what extent does criticism do justice to your poetic experience?

– My poetic experience was well received by some critics who highlighted it from the beginning, but most of my experience is dealt with by academic researchers. There are about ten master’s and doctoral theses on my poetry, and this is a great achievement.


* You have a strong linguistic repertoire, how was it formed for you?

– It is not possible to write without a cognitive, poetic and linguistic repertoire, and I think that the Arab heritage is a great storehouse for these repertoires, and reading is the first step to writing, if it is not writing itself, but on the paper of feelings and feelings, the connection with heritage with all its creative treasures is very important in Our linguistic and creative formation, we do not read heritage in order to repeat it in what we write, but in order to benefit from it.

* What do you think of the prose poem?

Opinions are no longer important about the prose poem while we live in a postmodern era. The prose poem imposed its existence after a long struggle, in which fountains of ideas and ink gushed out, and even went to attack the vertical poem to eliminate it and occupy the entire scene, but, after that conflict, he was safe Everyone that life accommodates all poetic and intellectual proposals.

* What is your next job?

– I have a prose book consisting of articles containing my thoughts on poetry and many issues about life, in addition to studies of poetic experiences from Al-Ahsa, but I am reluctant to print it because I do not trust that it might add anything new, except that it represents my personal opinions on these issues.


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