Jenni Rivera: Chiquis Rivera explodes and reveals the reason for her family estrangement (VIDEO)

Now yes the family of Jenni Rivera It seems to be definitely divided, at least that is what “Chiquis” Rivera has implied through a live that he made on Wednesday, where he clarifies the reason for his estrangement with his mother’s family Jenni Rivera, especially with his uncles Rosie and Juan whom his brothers have asked for accounts of the management of the businesses and inheritance of the so-called “Mariposa de Barrio”.

“From here I don’t want anything to do with that family, they don’t know everything that has happened, not just now but for many years, during the years my mother was here, they don’t know how much she cried, how much she suffered, I’m not going to say everything because it is not necessary, but if I have decided to leave after wanting to be well with my family it is for a reason, I do not want them to be comparing me or say that I am hanging, because I’ve fucked good and pretty for years, I wish them the best, I do not wish them any harm, but I do want to move away “, declared” Chiquis “in the video.

In addition, “Chiquis” explained that her grandmother Rosa Saavedra had told her that both she and her brothers, the only thing they had done was to ruin the legacy of the “Diva de la Banda”, but for the singer the only thing that her brother Johnny He did when he asked his uncles Rosie and Juan Rivera to account, is to know what was being done with his mother’s inheritance, with all the right that being one of the beneficiaries of said fortune gives him.

“I know my brothers, it is not the money, it is not the power, we did not want the power or the responsibility of having control of all businesses, because It’s a lot of responsibility; I’ve always said it, Rosie fell for it (to be an executor) and she has done her best. “

The singer pointed out that both she and her brothers Jacqie, Michael, Johnny and Jenicka, have had to face harsh criticism from people, who only have the version given by their uncles, who have called them ambitious and ungrateful; when they ignore that each one has their own occupations and businesses that make them self-sufficient.

“Chiquis” Rivera breaks the silence; accuses Rosie of hiding thefts

“It was not honest”

“Chiquis” commented that if he has been silent until now, it is so as not to damage the image that Rosie and Juan Rivera have in public opinion, but there have been many things behind that have damaged the relationship, like someone a couple of years ago Very close to his aunt, he was stealing money from the Jenni Rivera Fashion company and she knew it, so it was Rosie herself who ended up paying the 80 thousand dollars that were stolen and the accountant Luis Barajas passed it off as a loan.

“Perhaps Rosie is not a shoplifter, perhaps she did not steal, but she was not honest and did not tell my brothers what had happened, because they are the inheritors,” Chiquis explained, underlining that having had the information about this fact , his brothers would not have signed the document of confidentiality that Rosie demanded from them so that she will leave the management of the companies, something that does not apply to her because it is not in the will and for that reason she can raise her voice.

Regarding the amount that her uncles are asking for to stop managing Jennie Rivera’s businesses, Chiquis explained that Rosie will be given 84 thousand dollars of the 165 that she asked for and although her uncle Juan almost 300 thousand dollars that she says is owed to her, she is in disagreement that he was given money because he was being paid for his work and if he has to claim, it must be to his aunt because she was the one in charge of his mother’s accounts and business, of which his brothers never received a report .

Chiquis reproached his uncles for the fact that instead of sitting down to talk with his brothers and resolve their doubts, they turned their backs on them and refused to talk for months; because businesses did not grow as they should and the accounts are not the millions that people think there are.

Rivera pointed out that the fact that she is showing her face is not because she intends to stay in front of things, because she does not have the time or energy to do so, since she is focused on her own career, but as she knows a little Jenni’s businesses, because they were very close, decided to help her brothers.

“I am speaking for my brothers, because I have to defend them and because they hurt me, because there is no one who is going to defend them because my mother is not there, because if she were, things would be very different and that is what I told my grandmother: You know very well that my mother was a lioness for her children, she did not put her mother, or Rosie, or anyone else in her will, only her children and she took me out for a problem that was not true, that It’s been explained many times, but he did me a great favor by getting me out because he put me to work. “

Jenni’s oldest child ended the live by telling her siblings how much she loves them and that the last thing she wanted to do was do something like that, “but it is what it is.”

Jacqie Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s new executor of companies

This live of “Chiquis” was made a day after her sister Jacqie announced through a press release that she is the new executive director of Jenni Rivera Enterprises (JRE) and Jenni Rivera Fashion, in addition to mentioning that The results of the audit carried out to JRE, showed that during the Rosie Rivera administration there was no misappropriation or theft of trust funds.



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