Jessi Uribe sunbathed the chocolate bar with which she sweetens Paola Jara

The Colombian singer turned on social networks with sensual photography showing off his marked body.

The popular music singer, Jessi Uribe He drew sighs from his followers again with a recent publication on his official account of Instagram in which he reveals his marked abs.

The bumangués reached the fame in 2008 when he entered the contest called Latin American Idol where he was chosen from 30,000 participants and only 20 artists from Colombia classified in Argentina, thus becoming part of the 50 best of Latin America.

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Currently, Jessi Uribe He is engaged to the famous singer -also of popular music- Paola Jara, who by the way, have been the target of criticism as a result of the artist’s separation with his ex-partner, Sandra Barrios. However, the pair of singers has managed to overcome all kinds of criticism and live their love affair.

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Jessi Uribe showed off her abs

The artist published in his social networks a photo in which he is happy relaxing in a pool on a float. In the background you can see the beach and palm trees that are part of your vacation that “much needed”.

In the image, Jessi Uribe he wears a small bathing suit that fully reveals his toned body who works with dedication, as evidenced by his stories and videos in Instagram, in which the singer usually shows his exercise routines.

The publication has already passed 20,000 ‘likes’ and 150 comments, among which the following stand out: “I would like to be floated”, “Papacito”, “I love you”, and “My God what a beautiful man”

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