Jessica Cediel responds to “the old women” who criticized her dance in cuquitos

The presenter responded to the negative comments she received from some women on social media.

Jessica Cediel He has become the target of various criticisms and comments on social networks due to the content he publishes on his personal accounts. The model has unleashed all kinds of reactions from the curious, who talk about her intimate life, the commitments she has had and the sensual moments that she usually captures.

Recently, the entertainment presenter was criticized on Instagram after using her official account to upload an unexpected video in which she appears dancing with her cat while wearing a small black lingerie and a top of the same tone.

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Cediel, in the midst of the excitement to upload this clip with Jupiter, the cat’s name, noticed the comments he was receiving from some women, so he did not remain silent and attacked them. Celebrity He did not hesitate to defend himself and send a few words in which he assured that these people were envious.

“Today Jupiter did not want to dance! But this is what we achieved. I love him“He wrote in the caption of the post, where he gathers more than 187,558 likes from his followers.

In the stories on her profile, Jessica assured that She did not understand why there were “old women” so envious of the type of videos she shared, since she was free and enjoyed what she currently had in her life.

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“I don’t understand why there are so envious old women. They say it’s not envy, but I do see it that way. For example: ‘oh no, what need is there to show the pants, that the sheath’, but I don’t do anything that someone else in the world or showbiz doesn’t do“Said the Colombian, adding that on the contrary, she supported those who appeared like this and had fun on social networks.

“I am not doing anything wrong, if my God still gives me the conditions to get up and do it like that and I am happy, well, what is the problem?”, Said Cediel, asking for tolerance for others and inviting more than one that stop following if you do not agree with its content.

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