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Jia Bing Wa is one of the most famous contemporary writers in China, and one of the most prolific in novelistic production. .

Ahmed Al-Saeed says in his introduction to Jia Bing Wa’s book: “About my mother, my daughter, my friends, the dogs and the dragon,” which was translated into Arabic by Mahad Musa. The reader feels that he is not a stranger to him, but rather sits next to him and tells him or discusses him, writes a novel, so the reader feels that he tells everything in China, but from the perspective of the land, soil, agriculture and heritage that he transmits.

Jia Bing Wa was born in the early fifties of the last century, and began writing in the late seventies and gained fame and literary spread in the late twentieth century, and began to win awards in turn. His life is the stages of the Chinese state, and it is a paradox that no one intended, but its significance is great. The People’s Republic of China was also born with the early fifties, and entered a new era in the late seventies, when it implemented the policy of openness and reform, then entered the era of the beginning of luxury living with the advent of the new century, and here It is now entering its golden age, flourishing with economic power, and an accelerating rise on the international scene.

Al-Saeed believes that the two lives are similar to the point of congruence, between a writer and a country. Isn’t China an agricultural country that has gradually turned into the world’s factory? Alice Jia Bing Wa is that rural man who cannot pronounce Mandarin and who used to carry in his childhood fifty kilograms of firewood from the top of the mountain to his village, to help his family with it to live. Positions that many of his peers did not get.

Reality and dreams

Jia Bing Wa writes about reality, man and dreams. His realism is shocking and his humanity is dazzling. When its details come out in situations that you don’t think come out of a stone, but it is transmitted by soft drops of water, he writes about the stories of people whom you do not doubt for a moment that you do not know them, he is skilled in stopping time, from In order to capture the details of the scene, he does not combine myths and legends, exotic folk tales, and real life, as his friend, Nobel Prize winner in literature Mo Yan does, and does not try to extract the fun side and dark comedy that inhabits disasters and hardships, as Liu Jin Yun does, but only In reality and life, he sees that there is enough in them that raises eyebrows and surprises, and he always sees that literature is life, and that the function of literature is to convey reality in a way that surprises those who live it.

Jia Bing Wa is the real China wrapped in modernity, globalization and some Western customs, but the Chinese love him because he writes about their China, which they saw when they were young, or heard about it from those who saw it. Therefore, his novels sell half a million copies while they are still in printing presses. Some Chinese described him as: “One of the The few literary geniuses in contemporary Chinese circles, he is known as the magician, he is one of the most rebellious, innovative and widely influential writers in contemporary China.

top prizes

During his literary career, Jia Bingwa has received the highest awards, in China and abroad, and has published 17 novels and dozens of novels and short stories. It comes out of its character naturally, in a very simple way, without any cost or excessive increase. He is also distinguished by the mystery and the magical worlds of society, and finally there is his unique language, where he constantly explores new language arts in his works, and focuses on nourishing his language with words and sentences from the dialect of his birthplace, and gradually forming linguistic characteristics for himself, merging classical Chinese with local dialects, and his language is easy, simple and modern. It has a sense of humor.


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