Johnson about the Downing Street concert during impeachment I thought it was a business meeting!

Britain’s Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer called yesterday for the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has admitted attending a Downing Street party during confinement, and apologized to MPs.

“His (Johnson) defending himself by saying he didn’t know he was at a party is so absurd that it is, in fact, an understatement of the minds of the British people,” Starmer said at the weekly Government Accountability hearing under Parliament.

“Will he now have the courage to resign?” he added, accusing the conservative leader of “blatantly lying.”

Johnson apologized for attending what he described as a “work” party held in the garden of the Prime Minister’s Residence (10 Downing Street) during the closure imposed to combat the Corona virus.

“I want to apologise,” the British prime minister told the House of Commons. “There are things we have done that simply aren’t right… and I must take responsibility.”

Johnson explained that he thought the party on May 20, 2020 was related to work, and had gone to Downing Street Park to thank a group of employees.

“In hindsight, I should have brought everyone back inside,” he said. I feel very sorry that we did not act differently that evening.” Johnson and government officials spent days stalling after ITV reported that the prime minister’s chief adviser had invited about 100 people to an alcoholic party in 10 Downing Street in May 2020, and such gatherings were prohibited at the time. The United Kingdom is facing the first wave of the Corona epidemic.

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