Joko Winterscheidt’s private life: does the presenter have children with girlfriend Lisa?

Born in Gladbach, he grew up in Waldniel, an area in the municipality of Schwalmtal in North Rhine-Westphalia. Joko Winterscheidt and his partner Klaas Heufer-Umlauf became really big on TV thanks to the iconic duo “Joko and Klaas”.

The two are and were part of numerous shows, such as “Joko and Klaas against ProSieben”. But even before that, he went through a number of well-known stations in his career.

How did Joko Winterscheidt start his TV career?

His professional life began after graduating from high school with a discontinued training as an advertising clerk. He then applied unsuccessfully for pilot training and ended up in the television industry through an internship at “Me, Myself & Eye Entertainment”. After working as an editor at RTL, ProSieben and MTV Germany, Joko advanced to become a moderator.

Do Joko Winterscheidt and his girlfriend Lisa have children?

In addition to his job as a moderator, the ProSieben joke naturally also has a family life. Joko and his girlfriend Lisa have been a couple since 2005. In July 2010 they had their first and so far only child. The name of their daughter is Mila-Marie. It is also known that he has two older sisters. Otherwise, the television star rarely expresses himself when it comes to his private life.

His magazine: Joko Winterscheidt’s print product

In March 2018 his own magazine came onto the market, which he – as expected – very pragmatically named “Joko Winterscheidts Druckzeugnis”. The magazine with the claim to be “Not a normal men’s magazine” was published by the Hamburg publisher “Gruner + Jahr”. But it was over again at the end of 2019. The circulation of the men’s magazine was initially 200,000 copies. Most recently, however, there were only 50,000 magazines sold.

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Joko Winterscheidt: Committed and with a clear position against the right

In August 2015 he and his moderation partner Klaas published a video in which the two of them had the motto #mundaufmachen expressly take a stand against right-wing ideas. In addition, Joko Winterscheidt supports the campaign “iCHANCE“who aims to teach illiterate adults to read and write.

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What is Joko Winterscheidt’s real name?

For many years it was claimed that Joko’s middle name was “Cornelius”. However, this is a wrong assumption. This is just an invention by Joko and Klaas. Joko confirmed this in 2016 on the WDR show “Zimmer frei!”. His real name is simply “Joachim Winterscheidt”.

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