Juanda Caribe was gunned down and his ship was lowered

The ‘Who’s the Mask?’ Investigator He related what happened on social networks.

Juanda Caribe, renowned content creator, has stolen the looks and praise of thousands of Colombian viewers with his participation in ‘Who is the mask?’, famous reality of the RCN Channel, where he performs the work of a researcher. The coastal people share this trade with Alejandra Azcárate, Lina Tejeiro and Llane, trying to figure out which celebrities are under the characters.

Recently, the former participant of MasterChef Celebrity used his official Twitter account to comment on an uncomfortable situation he experienced with some friends in Barranquilla, after were victims of armed men who robbed them.

According to what the Colombian related, the criminals took the opportunity to lock them up and steal various belongings, among which was their truck. In the event, which took place in the capital of the Atlantic, Juanda lost her personal documents, her cell phone and the vehicle in which she was transporting.

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Similarly, the content creator pointed out that this theft happened once a group of men appeared out of nowhere in two cars and threatened them with weapons. The famous He was gunned down like his friends, losing part of what they carried with them.

They have robbed me in Barranquilla, my truck, my documents, my cell phone, everything. TWO CARS full of armed guys pointed guns at me and two co-workers and friends as well. I thank God for life because the material is recovered “, wrote Caribe in the trine.

According to information shared by Zona Cero, the Barranquilla Police took up the case and made a plan to prevent the car from leaving the city at the hands of criminals.


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