Jugglers robbers robbed a couple of grandparents when they slept at their home in Bosa

The guys, with ‘I didn’t go’ faces, quietly entered the elderly room, from where they got off a 55 Led TV inches where the couple sees every night ‘La Nieta Elegida’ production by Nuestra Tele and an expensive portable computer.

While the grandparents slept soundly, the ‘thieves’ escaped in the small ship with the items valued at about 5 million pesos.

Colonel Díaz indicated that a quadrant of the institution suspected the types inside the car in the tiny car and after giving the order to stop, the ‘beauties’ became nervous.

When making the respective search to the pair of ‘jewels’ they found the elements taken from the other people’s house.

The law enforcement officers, after recovering the stolen goods, returned to the older adults to wake up the man and the lady and inform them that they had been robbed while they slept and return their belongings.


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