Juliana Calderón, Yina’s sister, was shelled and has a Columbian eye

Juliana Calderón thought the girl was going to hug her.

Juliana Calderón, the sister of controversial DJ and businesswoman Yina Calderón, responded to his followers what was the reason why he had the hurt eye.

“We were leaving a public establishment in Yopal; A girl came out and told me, are you Yina’s sister? ”said the young woman.

Clarified that she thought the girl was going to hug her.

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“When he threw me like his hand and hit me, but nothing, it was like more fright (…) I have put everything and it does not go away,” he added.

Apparently a ‘Hater’ of the former protagonist of Nuestra Tele del Canal RCN, Yina Calderon would be the one who hit her.

Recently, Juliana Calderon He gave something to talk about on social networks when he published the acquisition of his new car and made a comment about the salary that his sister Yina gave him for working in his company.


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