Juliana defended her sister Yina Calderón: What did they want, for her to pay me two million?

Yina Calderón and her sister are apparently upset; In the midst of the controversy Juliana Calderón clarifies misunderstanding by a publication.

Juliana Calderón, Yina Calderón’s sister, shared a video defending her from criticism on the networks when she revealed the amount of money that he paid her for a part-time job at her company.

In a post on her social networks, Juliana revealed that his sister paid him $ 15,000 a day when he worked for her. He also told his followers the She was happy to have bought her first car thanks to her keratin company.

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Now again it seems in the networks to clarify what your work hours were and emphasize that Yina Calderon It has helped her a lot.

“He works from 3 in the afternoon to 5 in the afternoon, that is, What did they want, stop me two million? I can be the sister and everything, but you have to teach me to work. It helped me a lot, with food, for tickets ”, explained Juliana Calderón.

He also added that everyone has fights with their relatives and made it clear that loves his sister and she is grateful “because she is the best for me, she is my focus and I admire her with all my heart.”

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What happened to the sisters Calderon unleashed, as expected, different comments on social networks.

“These people who no longer know why to sound,” “so tired #julianacalderon is going to get annoyed”, “someone who tells Yina’s sister not to post bullshit then that working half a day is not working two hours old ridiculous ”, “Since when noon is two hours”, cyber users write before the video of Juliana Calderón.


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