Juliana Galvis confessed that she felt sorry for the photo with her face full of bruises

The actress left her followers speechless after recounting this experience that she lived years ago.

Juliana Galvis he stole the hearts of his loyal followers of social networks and the Colombian media with the particular and funny character he performed in ‘To’ love you ‘, where he gave life to Lola, the best friend of the protagonist Mauricio Reina. The artist captured the attention with her acting versatility and the evident talent that she has shown in other national productions.

The Colombian television star has been the center of praise and applause for his work, highlighting the variety of roles he has played where villains, supporting roles or co-stars are mentioned.

However, recently, the actress unleashed a wave of reactions on her official Instagram account after posting a photo in which She appears lying on a bed with her eyes closed and several bruises on her face. Galvis worried more than one, so he took the opportunity to clarify the issue and tell an anecdote from his personal life.

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According to what was related by Juliana, This image was taken in 2019 when he was participating in a national production. Although it did not arouse comments because it had not come to light, he did want to emphasize that it was an accident that he had and was not related to abuse.

“I was very scared at the time of posting this photo, NOBODY hit me although the doubts were many, I was about to not be a character because of my stupidity … it was ME in a more awkward moment”, Wrote the celebrity in the caption, where he already has more than 300,000 views.

As detailed, this incident It made her feel ashamed and covered the bruises she suffered with makeup, since he was sorry for what others said about his physique. Two years later, Galvis decided to remove these prejudices and reveal what happened, leaving aside the opinions of others.

“I broke my nose and you know what? I covered myself, I put on makeup, I covered myself, I was ashamed for nothing … today I post it because I can only say: ‘What the hell does it matter what the world thinks? If they hit me, I fell if I went or not ‘… Your mother’s pussy, LIVE! No matter what they will say”He added to his text.


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