Juliana Galvis published a photo from 19 years ago, almost without clothes: she made more than one drool

The photo, in which she is quite lightly dressed and leaves little to the imagination, already has more than 43 thousand likes.

Colombia is characterized by its beautiful women, fame that is recognized in different parts of the world thanks to the role played by actresses and presenters, who expose all the beauty of our country. That is the case of Juliana Galvis, who has spent more than a decade on the Colombian small screen and in other countries.

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Galvis stole the hearts of millions of people with his participation in the famous and successful RCN production, ‘To love you’, where he gave life to Lola, the best friend of mauritius queen. Her talent placed her as one of the series’ favorite characters and aroused hundreds of reactions among Colombian viewers.

After making a mark with her long career, the Colombian has become the center of praise for hundreds of followers on digital platforms, due to the work she does in acting, the personality that is reflected in each of its contents and the beauty that has always characterized it.

This Thursday, Juliana was one of the most talked about characters on social networks, especially on Instagram, after posting a TBT with a photo that was taken of her several years ago when she appeared in Soho Magazine.

The photo, in which she is quite scantily clad and leaves little to the imagination, It already has more than 43 thousand likes despite not even having been published for 24 hours.

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