Kalimba advances his fans the premiere of “Cínico”

From the hand of the actress Gala Montes, Kalimba will share a new musical proposal with its audience, in which cumbia and reggaeton will be the protagonists of “Cynical”, a duet song -known as “cumbiatón”- that will be released today, Thursday, January 13, at 7:00 p.m. on the official networks of the singer and songwriter with the official video.

Prior to the premiere of “Cínico”, Kalimba talks exclusively with El Informador, about the fun process he went through with Gala Montes (‘El Señor de los Cielos’, ‘La mexicana y el güero’) to create this song, because although Latin rhythms are not new in the career of the producer, cumbia had not officially appeared in his repertoire, so this release will show a different facet of Kalimba.

“It is a pretty handsome song, cumbia has always moved Latin America a lot, I know it will be a song that makes us all dance. The collaboration with Gala excites me a lot (…) this song was originally intended for someone else, the base had been made, I was in the studio when I heard it and I said it was wonderful, I asked if they would leave it to me and I did the lyrics, I wanted to sing it with someone else”.

Kalimba remembers that in the search for songs to shape what will be his new unreleased album “6PM”, his participation in the television contest “Who is the mask?”, a singing reality show in which he played the mysterious “Mapache” and that was the winner in the contest with a moving story, being this project in which he was captivated by the voice of Gala Montes, who also protected her identity under the personality of “Gypsy”.

“I had the opportunity to get to know her talent through Who is the Mask? It was a surprise for me, as it was for everyone, to discover that under ‘Gitana’ there was a very talented Gala Montes. A few years ago a friend told me that he had heard Gala sing at an event, that sang super dad and I should do something with her, it was something that happened, because I had other plans, but now that I discovered her I was amazed, not only because of her talent, she has the ability to present, to interpret, to make the people who are watching her be captivated by his talent.”

“Cínico” will be part of “6PM”, recalls Kalimba detailing the good acceptance that the public has had with the previous tracks that he released in recent months and that they are only the beginning of the surprises that will be on this new studio album where more duets are also contemplated and special collaborations with surprise exponents from Puerto Rico, Peru and more Mexican talent.

With the agenda ready

Regarding the plans that he has on the agenda for 2022, Kalimba acknowledges that the work carried out in 2021 will be reflected, since he took advantage of the moments of confinement of the pandemic to produce his album and return to concerts formally with what will be the Tour 6PM, in addition to resuming the theatrical billboard with the production of “José: el soñador”.



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