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Kanye West

The rapper assured that he is above the culture of cancellation …

Kanye West is breaking the silence on the controversy he has recently gotten into by inviting Marilyn Manson, who is accused of abuse by multiple women, to his Sunday church service.

The rapper caused a negative reaction and much criticism when working with disgraced musicians such as Manson and DaBaby, and assured in an interview with the Drink Champs podcast, on the Revolt TV platform, that he does not ‘give a damn’ about the cancellation culture that exists right now in the world of showbiz.

West attacked the trend of publicly ostracizing people for their controversial comments and actions, insisting that he didn’t care if that happened to him.

“When I sit next to Marilyn Manson and DaBaby right after they’ve both been canceled, it’s like they can’t cancel all of us,” he commented, while stating that he likes this trend.

“Love it [la cancelación]. I am above it. I’m running to get canceled ”, he admitted.

The 44-year-old singer also used his space on the show to criticize ‘the power and politics’ of the #MeToo movement and claimed that we are living in an era of ‘mind control’.

“They’re going to hit you with an accusation from someone you were with 10 years ago. Also, there are women who have gone through very serious things, they got into alleys against their will, this is different from a hug, but it is classified as the same. It is power and politics. You know, maniacs hungry for power and just control. This is the 1984 mind control we’re in, “he noted.