Kanye West Is “Finishing” Album In A Bizarre Livestream

Kanye West Is “Finishing” Album In A Bizarre Livestream

We think Donda is coming tonight. (Or tomorrow.)

So, Kanye West originally planned to release his upcoming 10th studio album — titled Donda after his late mother — in July.

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The rapper made grand arrangements for Donda‘s debut, hosting an initial album listening party at Atlanta’s Mercedez-Benz stadium several weeks ago that saw a massive 40,000-person turnout.

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In typical Kanye style, he spent most of the artistic performance making subtle movements, or standing rigid, while repeatedly singing a single lyric about losing his family (Donda comes in the midst of his and Kim Kardashian’s divorce).

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He juxtaposed the dimly lit, minimalist stadium setting with a bright red outfit, from puffer coat to sneakers, and also wore a mask that entirely covered his head.

The reason you don’t yet have access to tracks from Donda is because the album didn’t actually drop as planned following July’s listening event. Kanye’s representatives reportedly confirmed that it wasn’t complete but would materialize in time for its next scheduled release date on Aug. 6.

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Since then, Kanye has temporarily moved into this room at Mercedez-Benz Stadium, where he’s apparently getting down to business and finishing the album once and for all.

Another listening event will take place at the stadium tonight to give fans a Donda preview, again, before its intended release. Here’s Kanye on Instagram stoking the suspense flame.

There’s a livestream available on Apple Music today leading up to tonight’s preview, advertised as one where fans can watch Kanye “finishing” Donda.

[email protected] prepares and presents his 10th album #Donda, live from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta during an exclusive livestream event.

Watch it now, only on Apple Music:

@AppleMusic / Via Twitter: @AppleMusic

It’s muted and recording from inside the musician’s makeshift living quarters while some collaborators, like Chance the Rapper, make appearances and a countdown clock hangs in the background.

@kanyewestau / Via Twitter: @kanyewestau

Those who tuned in earlier today were greeted with footage of Kanye sleeping, which is probably for the best after all those pushups.

Looks like Kanye took tips from Twitch streamers.

His #DONDA Apple Music livestream shows him sleeping now 😴

Twitter: @erinasimon

Anyway, we may or may not be playing Donda on repeat tomorrow morning, but seriously, are you all watching this livestream right now?

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