Kanye West plans to meet Vladimir Putin and show in Russia

Kanye West He plans to travel to Moscow by the end of 2022, according to Billborad, the trip has two intentions, the first is to present his unique show “Sunday Service”, the second is to meet with the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The publication made by the music company quotes Kanye’s advisor, Ameer Sudan, where it is ensured that the artist works on new businesses with Aras Agalarov, (who is a billionaire related to Donald Trump) and with his son, who is also an artist and It bears Emin’s name.

“He will spend a long time in Russia”, Sudan told Billboard, which will be, according to him, as “a second home” eat money, who legally changed his name last year.

Since 2019, the rapper took the habit of offering the “Sunday Services”, which are intimate shows reminiscent of the ceremonies that take place in churches on Sundays, accompanied by gospel choirs.

Kanye West in Russia, a political act?

Politics is by no means alien to Ye (Kanye West), in 2020 he ran for the US presidential election as a independent candidate, while in 2018 he met with President Trump where They embraced before the cameras.

TWITTER/ @kanyewest

According to Sudan, neither the travel restrictions nor the (very safe) Criticism he will receive for his relations with Russia may cause Ye to abandon his project.

“Kanye knows what happens better than the average person, he is very aware of what happens. And he is not going against the United States or to cause conflicts, but Ye is Ye, he cannot be controlled “explained Sudan.



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