Kathy Sáenz became fifty and keeps Sebastián Martínez swallowed

Kathy and Sebastian have established themselves as one of the more stable couples Throughout the years in the world of show business, they met between 2005 and 2006 when starred in the RCN channel soap opera ‘Juegos prohibited’ and his love transcended fiction and screens.

The actor also shared a video on his networks while they sing together.

My Goddess turns 50 today How happy to see you in the best moment of your life! You bloom more and more each day, your light is brighter and brighter, your smile is truer and your gaze reflects the wisdom of the path. I love you and celebrate today … and forever, ”Martínez wrote.

In addition, he revealed to his followers how the serenade was a surprise to his beloved.

The romance of these two characters unleashes thousands of comments and in networks and more than one wants a Sebastián Martínez by their side.

“I want to be this beautiful at 50, so in love, so regal, so beloved 😍”, “You are absolutely divine- Katy happy 25 again”, “You’re cuteroooo! I would have loved to have such a loving husband. Happy birthday to your queen ”, are some of the messages left by cyber users.


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