Katia Saalfrank: What is the ‘Supernanny’ doing today?

For seven years, Katia Saalfrank supported overwhelmed parents with the documentary program “Die Supernanny”. But in November 2011 it suddenly came to an end. What happened? And what is the teacher doing today?

Praise and criticism for Katia Saalfrank as “Supernanny”

“The Supernanny” was a TV concept that originated in the UK. In every episode, Katia Saalfrank visited a family and was on hand with advice and tips on parenting issues. But the display of problematic children and adolescents was viewed negatively by some viewers.

In 2005, a year after the RTL show started, Katia Saalfrank received the “Offended Viewers Prize”. The media award was a negative award given by television critic Augustus Hofmann. The reason for this was “the violation of the dignity of children by performing in extreme situations”. However, the pedagogue was also awarded the German Television Prize in the category “Best TV Coach” for her TV work in 2007.

“Supernanny” -Aus for Katia Saalfrank: That is why the program was discontinued

Even if the RTL program and the educational methods shown in it polarized the audience, the show was very successful. However, 2011 was over. According to several media reports, Katia Saalfrank did not agree with the changes made by RTL to incorporate more scripted reality.

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In 2017, in an interview with the “Daily mirror“These rumors.” A wrong impression has arisen and there has been a lot of speculation. To make things clear: We never scripted in that format, never gave instructions, we had no scripts, “she said.

About the end of “Die Supernanny” she explained: “In the eighth year I had the feeling that further development in this format was no longer possible for me. The pressure is high. The speed with which one should work increases , There are faster cuts, repetitions of drastic scenes in slow motion or close-up shots of sad children’s eyes, plus background music, a kind of unnecessary drama, especially with the twelve very difficult families in the last season. “

That’s what Katia Saalfrank is doing today

Since the “Supernanny” break, Katia Saalfrank is rarely seen on TV. In 2013, a pilot episode of the program “Expedition Familie” ran on WDR, but it was no longer produced because the audience ratings were too low. In 2018 she stood in front of the camera for the Sat.1 show “Now we’re going to help you! – The problem solvers in action”.

Even if Katia Saalfrank is no longer active as a TV “supernanny”, she still works in the field of education today. She runs a private practice in Berlin, where she offers educational advice and parent and family coaching. Since 2018 she has also been running her own podcast “Family Council with Katia Saalfrank”, in which she talks about upbringing.

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Katia Saalfrank’s private life: does she have a husband and children?

Ex- “Supernanny” Katia Saalfrank rarely talks about her private life. It is known that she and her husband Christian have four sons together. In 2013 she said to “image“About family life:” My husband lives four days a week outside of Berlin. So now I’m practically a single parent. “

Criticism of “silent stairs”: This is how Katia Saalfrank thinks about this method today

Katia Saalfrank became known as “Supernanny” above all for her use of the “silent staircase”. Children who were out of control at this point should take a break and sit alone on a staircase or a chair.

After the show ended, the educator explained what she really thought of this method. Compared to the “Frankfurter Rundschau”, in 2013 she described the “silent staircase” as “destructive”. “The child is not only severely restricted in its autonomy and development, but also offended in its personality,” she explained.