Kazakhstan authorities undermine the influence of Nazarbayev’s entourage, and the president orders the creation of special forces and national security reform

Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has instructed the country’s National Security Council to accelerate efforts to create a special operations force and reform the national security system, following mass protests that swept the country earlier this month.

The press office of the Kazakh presidency said – in a statement yesterday, reported by the Russian news agency “Sputnik” – that the president “instructed law enforcement agencies to conduct an investigation and determine the exact number of civilian casualties as a result of the unrest,” stressing the importance of preventing violations of citizens’ rights during anti-terror operations. terrorism.

The United Nations reported that about 1,000 people were injured in the protests that erupted on January 2 and turned into riots, and the country’s Ministry of Interior stated that 17 security personnel were killed in those events.

In this context, the press office of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan said that the country’s government decided to relieve Chumabay Karajayev from the post of Deputy Energy Minister.

For its part, the Financial Supervision Agency of Kazakhstan confirmed the detention of Karajaev on suspicion of being responsible for the unjustified increase in gas prices, which caused the outbreak of the protest at the beginning of January.

In evidence of the authorities’ efforts to undermine the influence of former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and his entourage, Kazakhstan’s sovereign wealth fund announced yesterday the resignation of two Nazarbayev family members from managing two state-owned oil and gas shipping companies.

Yesterday, the Sovereign Fund (Samruk-Kazina) published a statement saying that Khairat Sharibaev had left the position of CEO of the oil pipelines company (Kaz Trans Oil), and Dimash Dusanov resigned from the same position in the company operating the natural gas pipelines (Kazak Gas).

Sharibayev is married to Dariga Nazarbayev, the eldest daughter of the former president, her son says on social media. Neither Sharibaev nor Darija Nazarbayev has commented on their relationship. Dusanov is the husband of Aliya Nazarbayev, the youngest daughter of the former president. The Samruk-Kazyna Fund did not give the reason for the resignation.

The authorities said they had detained a deputy energy minister and a number of other officials suspected of being responsible for the “unjustified” price increase.

This came as the Russian Defense Ministry announced yesterday the arrival of the first six aircraft with the Russian peacekeeping forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization to Severny Airport in the Russian city of Ivanovo from Kazakhstan.

The ministry explained – in a statement – reported by “Sputnik” that after the last board has landed at the airport, official events will be held to meet with the Russian paratroopers who have completed all tasks professionally.


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