Kim Kardashian is less stressed since her separation from Kanye West

Kim Kardashian y Kanye West

The businesswoman does not plan to return to the father of her children …

Kim Kardashian has been experiencing her least stressful period lately, according to a source from In Touch magazine. Even her family has observed that she is a different person since she parted ways with Kanye West.

Apparently since West’s election campaign last year for president, where the rapper made some particular revelations about his family, it shook their marriage and confidence, and therefore Kim had gone through a cycle of uncertainty and anxiety about the personality of West.

“Kim lived in constant stress and anxiety… always wondering ‘what is Kanye doing now?’, ‘What’s next?’… But since she decided to end their relationship, things have flowed better for both of them, and Kim has been living without stress, she is much calmer ”, said a person close to the businesswoman.

Still according to this source, while Kanye still wants to get back with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian “has no intention of getting back with him,” or even starting a serious relationship with someone else.

“Kim is enjoying life, the children are older, she can have fun, go out more now and is enjoying every moment with her friends,” commented the source, adding that she told her friends that she would not return with West.

“She still loves him, he is the father of her children, but love is different now, it is different and they are in a better place now after they separated,” the informant guarantees.

On her relationship with Pete Davidson, the source added: “It’s just fun for her … they’ve been good friends for a while,” he says.

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