‘La Segura’ in a sea of ​​tears told that he still feels pain from bullet holes in his body

The Colombian influencer, some time ago, received several bullet wounds in her body, a fact that today affects her health.

Natalia Segura, the Colombian influencer better known as ‘The sure one’, shared on his social networks that his health does not improve, after, some time ago, received several bullet wounds in his body.

About eight years ago, she was in her car and was hit by bullets on an arm and a breast. With tears in his eyes, he told his followers that after spending two days cleaning his house experienced excruciating pain, which she classified as ‘burns’, in the feet and in the sciatic nerve.

According to the influencer, her pain is due to the fact that as a result of the incident she had “burns” on different nerves and suffered spinal damage.

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“Having to endure these pains for the rest of my life sometimes hits me hard (…) You have no idea. I already live with those pains and those consequences that were left by receiving two bullet wounds,” she told those who the they are still in networks.

‘La Segura’ She has made a big name for herself in the world of social media for her diverse content in which she shares humorous videos and makeup tutorials.

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“I like to come here to pour out my beautiful energy (…) he spent five days in bedI’m desperate, the pain doesn’t go away, ”she said in a video.

“I ended up where I didn’t want to end, at the clinic. I’m like all ‘lela’ because they applied tramadol to me and they are going to apply morphine to me, “he added in another of his Instagram stories.


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