‘Las tías pico y placa’: the new venture to make a bundle in Bogotá

With the restriction of the peak and plate all day in Bogotá, there are several people from the capital who are already thinking about business, like this woman.

Days after all the controversy generated by the expansion of the peak and plate in Bogotá, which It already operates from 6 am to 9 pm, a group of women organized an enterprise.

Via TikTok account @Dnavitascarolina, A video was released in which a woman offers her new business.

“I am the lady who can work for days, because we have to find the talk. It’s called the aunt pico y placa, it’s to make a bulk in the car “, assures the woman of approximately 55 years old.

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“Then they tell me and I accompany them to do the errands, because at least three people have to go in the car,” adds the woman who refers to one of the exceptions of the pico y placa in Bogotá, which refers to the shared car and consists of registering the car on the website of the Mobility Secretariat of Bogotá, to move with more than three passengers and avoid the sanction.

The woman explained how her new venture works to help Bogotanos who need to run errands around the city.

“How does it work; they write to me, they pick me up in the morning, they come to me in the afternoon and they give me lunch, I charge 30,000 pesos a day. Then the peak and plate aunts to make a bundle, “he said.

On the other hand, the woman clarifies that not only she provides the service, but also his four sisters and that there are different types of conversation, to make the service more enjoyable.

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“We are the peak and plate aunts to make a bundle, because I also have my sisters; the Stella, the Cecilia, the Yolanda, the AmparoWell, there are several different types of conversation. Of course, we are prepaid; They pay us first and we’ll see each other there”, he concluded.


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