“Last night”, black humor and apocalypse go hand in hand

In the English countryside, a family gathers to celebrate what they hope will be the most memorable Christmas of all. Putting aside their differences (which are many) and willing to forgive (and forgive themselves), everyone arrives with the genuine mentality that this is the most endearing party they have ever had. But between the turkey, the baked potatoes, and the toast, there is something sour, as if everything surrounding this gathering is stained with a breath of ruin and tragedy. We soon found out that this bonding moment is so much a party… as a farewell, before an apocalypse looming on the horizon.

A virus that arose from climate change that sweeps humanity, causing those who acquire it an almost instantaneous death, although before it causes painful agony. With the cloud of misfortune flying directly to their doors (as the virus is dispersed in the wind), this English family (both guests and cast), prepares to say goodbye with one last toast, if they do not finish each other first .

With a lot of black humor, superb performances and a round script, “Last night” arrives on the Mexican billboard on January 13. (“Silent Night”, 2021), a film starring among others Keira Knightley (“Nell”), Matthew Goode (“Simon”), Annabelle Wallis (“Sandra”) and Roman Griffin Davis (“Art”), under the Directed by Camille Griffin.

Although at first glance it looks like just another Christmas tape, the truth is that the film is enjoyed at any time of the year thanks to the message it offers. The script does not reveal all its letters to the viewer until after half an hour of film, and even so, it reserves some surprises for the most curious eyes. The premise of a “last Christmas” allows to combine throughout the plot elements of black comedy, drama and even a few touches of terror, keeping the viewer on the edge of the armchair.

Bittersweet christmas

The spectator from Guadalajara will find in “Last Night” a couple of well-known faces. On the one hand Roman Griffin Davis (son of the film’s director), who stole the hearts of more than one for his role as an idealistic and reckless Nazi child in “Jojo Rabbit and on the other side Keira Knightley, who gained immense popularity for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga. On this occasion, embodying mother and son, they offer us a performance that is as hilarious as it is painful.

Knightley herself explained in an interview for the “Entertainment Weekly” portal that this film presents her with “the biggest nightmare scenario for any mother. When I read the script for the first time I was pregnant with my second child and when I did it I was a newborn and I couldn’t stop thinking, where is the black humor?

“But then it made me laugh,” he adds, “thinking about making a Christmas movie, where everything is supposed to be cute and musical, but with an apocalyptic touch. There are certain dynamics in films of this type, such as the union of families, which on the screen are usually very well seen but we know that this is not the case in real life. In this film we try to show that, that uniting our loved ones is not easy, even if the end of the world is breathing on our shoulders ”.

The truth is that “Last Night” reminded Keira of “the fragile line that separates us from life and death. It is always there, but we don’t see it or we don’t want to see it. In this film we try to show it very clearly ”.

Last night. It arrives this January 13. Courtesy. Heart Films

The details of the tape

  • It was filmed in February 2020 in England, when the pandemic forced many closures in London. The cast had to stay on set without being able to leave for several weeks, due to restrictions.
  • In the film, the apocalypse is handled as a union between climate change and a virus, something that seemed absurd to several members of the cast … until the health alert for COVID-19 broke out.
  • The film premiered at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and began its commercial run on December 3 in the United States. Now it comes to Mexico preceded by critical acclaim.
  • The film crosses Knightley’s path with Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of Johnny Depp, his “Pirates of the Caribbean” co-star (he met her at 3 years old).



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