Laura Tobón touched the networks with photos of her baby

The presenter assured that she will continue to stay away from social networks while completely enjoying her son.

Laura Tobon surprised all his loyal followers of social networks with the announcement of the birth of your firstborn, fruit of his love with Álvaro Rodríguez. The entertainment presenter published a series of photos with which she shared this important event in her life, stealing the glances of the curious and those close to her.

Despite the fact that the celebrity caused reactions among her fans, she chose to take a space away from digital platforms and dedicate herself full time to raising and caring for her baby, whom called Lucca. Many of her followers have asked her about her maternal stage, so she took advantage of the stories on her official Instagram account to comment.

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According to what he captured in his profile, with a couple of cute photos, Tobón wanted to send a message to the curious and ensure that his distance from social networks has been due to the moments he is living with his son, who he is fully getting to know. The model also referred to the love she feels for Lucca and the whole process she is experiencing with her family.

I am still far from networks to be able to live every moment of these first days! I love you very much, I’ll be back “, he wrote first in an image, where he is seen with his nose glued to the little boy’s face.

I can spend hours seeing it, smelling it and contemplating it! What moments so, so, so unique these are“He added in another photo, where the color of the eyes of the baby is detailed, which inherited this trait from his mother.

Users have expressed the tenderness that the little one generates, in addition to the stage that Laura Tobón lives with her partner.

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