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Beirut: Hana Toby

Electronic platforms and satellite stations were able to move the wheel of dramatic production in the Arab world, and attracted directors, especially the younger generation, to the world of series, and it is noticed that most directors in Lebanon switched from cinema and lyric clips to drama.

Drama makers unite on its renaissance in terms of quality as a result of producers attracting directors from various visual experiences to a new drama that relies on acceleration of events and aesthetic scenery and is close to the audience.

In this context, film director Amin Dora carried his cinematic experiences to the world of drama, and it seems that he re-shuffled his papers again, to enter the world of series, as Dora had won more than one cinematic award for his films, especially the movie “Ghaddi”, but he was finally attracted to the series. And he contracted with the “Al-Sabah” company, to direct several dramas, the first of which is the series “Gate of Hell”, which represents his first long dramatic experience.

Dora describes his experience with the new adventure that attracted him within its standards that are different from the familiar and prevalent in drama, in terms of the story, events and available techniques, pointing out that the real challenge we are living today is the transformation of independent directors in the world into platform business due to the producers’ interest in increasing works, their quality and competition for viewers, which encourages On creativity and predicts the rise of drama.

As for director Joe Bou Eid, who had his first dramatic experience through the series “Zahra Salon” after a wide fame he achieved in the world of cinema and video clips with the stars of the Arab world, he confirms that he did not hesitate to go through his dramatic directing experience, because all its components pour into the vision he wants. Pointing out the importance of platform drama in providing opportunities for young directors to translate their ideas into a wide and new space, and most importantly, it is far from traditional.

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Director Saeed Al Marouk, who was famous in the world of cinema and video songs, and who has in his credit more than 100 video clips, including those who won Lebanese and international awards, entered the world of soap operas through the series “Dur Al-Omar”, which represents his first experience in drama, and he submitted it without hesitation, so what If he reads the text until he is attracted to it, because it belongs to the world of “action”, and it can be implemented within the framework of suspense and excitement, and in the cinematic manner to which the rogue belongs, pointing out that the platforms imposed themselves strongly or gave way to employ directing expertise in order to develop dramas.

Layal Rajiha, director of the films “Habbet Lulu” and “She Yom Rah Fel,” and many successful video songs, joined the world of series through the series “Aalhad”, which is being filmed, after she found herself satisfied with the level that the drama has currently reached.

Young director Philip Asmar is busy filming the second part of the series “To Death”, which Asmar became famous in the world of successful series more than 10 years ago, and recently presented “Five and a Text”, “Twenty Twenty” and the first part of “For Death”.

Actor, writer and director Rodney Haddad experienced platform drama through the series “Amenizia” for the benefit of “Eagle Films”, and he had recorded his successes in directing long series, but he considered that the platforms came to open a wide door for creating a new Arab drama, and opportunities were provided to young directors, To translate the texts in their hands in high-level technical ways.

After his long experience in cinema, theater, advertisements, clips and series, director Elie Samaan is entering a new experience in the world of soap operas through the Arab social drama “Shti ya Beirut”. Between directing clips, films and series.


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