Light tremor recorded in Guasave

The Center for Instrumentation and Seismic Registration of Mexico (Cires) reported a 4.5 magnitude earthquake near Guasave, being 18:11 local time (00:11 UTC). With a depth of 15 kilometers, it was perceived as light by the inhabitants of the town.

Given the recentness of the event, the impact on human victims and material damage because of this telluric movement it continues without being established.

It is worth noting that Mexico is in constant risk to experience an earthquake of great magnitude, such as those that occurred in 1985 and 2017. Such movements caused several misfortunes. Despite being the most remembered, they have not been the largest in the territory.

The strongest earthquake on record in the history of Mexico occurred the March 28, 1787, at the time of the Spanish colony. Its epicenter was in Oaxaca and had a magnitude of 8.6. Not only did this make the earth vibrate incredibly, it even triggered a tsunami that reached 6 kilometers inland.

According to data from the Center for Instrumentation and Seismic Registration (Cires), carried out in 2009 on the aforementioned earthquake, there is the possibility of a repetition of events above this magnitude. It is estimated that they may occur in the years to come. Its epicenter is calculated on the coasts of Mexico and Central America, since these are located in the so-called Brecha de Guerrero. This area is characterized by the accumulation of a large amount of geological energy.

However, it does not take such a great magnitude to wreak havoc. Mexicans keep memories of minor earthquakes, which occurred in 1985 and 2017. On such occasions, the entire capital was paralyzed by the unparalleled consequences of such earthquakes.

As for 1985, it occurred on September 19 of that year at 7:19 local time (13:19 GMT), with its epicenter in the state of Guerrero and a magnitude of 8.2. Since then, it was believed that nothing like it would repeat itself, but, coincidentally, it happened again exactly 32 years later.

In 2017, it happened at 1:14 p.m. local time (18:30 GMT), with its epicenter in an area between the states of Puebla and Morelos. So, the fatalities reached 369 people.

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