“Like an udder”: Jessica Cediel was clawed when talking about her breast augmentation

Cediel indicated that her bust had had a considerable increase in size, but that it was temporary.

Jessica Cediel He has been the protagonist of different news on social networks, due to different publications or details that he reveals about his personal life. The presenter has captured the attention of the curious by answering spicy questions about her life, her profession and about the romantic relationships she has had before.

Recently, the model was the center of comments on digital platforms after posting a series of stories on her official Instagram account, where he commented on changes in his body, products of a secret that he would tell later.

Cediel indicated that her bust had had a considerable increase in size, the result of a process that took days ago. The Colombian pointed out that will reveal the secret why her breasts were bigger, as he realized, detailing that it was a gift that was given as a woman.

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I’m super tit …, that is, I have the tit … like an udder, literal. It is the effect of something that I am going to share with you this week, of something beautiful, of the most beautiful things that one gives oneself in life as a woman, “said the celebrity in the video, where she showed a deep cleavage.

“This week I am going to share the whole experience with you, they are not going to stay like this, but in the meantime, fine. They are the same for me, there is no one who can enjoy them. I do not know, stupid comment, “added the model in the post, emphasizing the time she has been single, without rice in bass or some kind of romance.


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