Lina Tejeiro: Catch the transformation that the llanera actress has had

In statements to SOHO magazine, it was known that the producer of the program, in which he worked Lina Tejeiro, strongly criticized her for her appearance expressing that she was very fat; to which she responded without any qualms; “Then you’re going to see me lying in the clinic for not eating.”

A couple of months later Tejeiro had to be carried to hospital for having developed chronic gastritis.

Years later, he would give life to Catalina Mejía in the Colombian production of the RCN channel ‘The law of the heart’, telenovela that left her as the winner in the Best Supporting Actress category at the 2017 TVyNovelas Awards.

However, beyond his talent and recognitions he has had in his professional life, Tejeiro has given cause to speak with his abrupt change of look. She went from being a girl to a woman and underwent a breast reduction and lift and a liposuction.

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In addition, biopolymers were injected into her buttocks, which led her back to the operating room to remove them due to emergency complications.

Another chapter in his life that made him more popular on social networks was the relationship he had with singer Andy Rivera, son of fellow singer Jhonny Rivera. Although it was one of the most stable relationships in the national show business, one day they simply ended, which brought a wave of rumors.

Then they tried again but things didn’t work out. Weeks later Tejeiro began a relationship with Norman Capuzzo, to try to forget Rivera, but it did not work. Later, the couple got close, but the relationship definitely ended.

Currently, Tejeiro has 8.6 million followers and is one of the most famous and influential women on social networks in Colombia.

The famous Colombian actress, who participated in national productions such as ‘Venganza’, ‘La ley del corazón’, ‘A corazón Abierto’ and more recently in the reality show ¿Who e la mask? of the RCN Channel.

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