Lina Tejeiro “crowned the return”: The actress joked when she went on vacation

Lina Tejeiro did not miss the opportunity to take the situation in a humorous way.

After the seizure of more than a ton of cocaine was known by the National Police in recent days, in which the same institution came out to say that this shipment was from the father of a well-known Colombian actress,A target was the llanera Lina Tejeiro.

Faced with these rumors, the 30-year-old model also came out to deny this news, clarifying that her father Manuel Eduardo Gonzales has nothing to do with the illegal, and she even said she felt calm about what has been speculated.

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However, a publication of his in his stories, showed that all this altercation has not affected him in the least, and that is why he decided to leave the country to enjoy a vacation as he had previously stated.

However, what drew attention was that the actress who participated in productions such as the ‘Law of the Heart’, took this whole issue in a humorous way. Once being at the airport it is seen how with his manager they joke with the popular program ‘Airport Alert’.

“Come on Claudia, Airport Alert, Let’s go, what do we crown! “, was Lina’s message after running off with the other woman while having a fun time.

After that, Claudia (her manager) says: “Hahaha, I’m Rio de Janeiro, oh no, we’re going to Sao Pablo”, undoubtedly also unleashing ironies about the program, where they show how dismantled people with cocaine shipments in different airports of the world.

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A portal specialized in the lives of celebrities, captured this moment and popularized it on its Instagram account, where many Internet users had fun, although there were also critics for the controversy unleashed.

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