Linda Nobat private: does the jungle camp candidate have a boyfriend?

Arguing or mediator? With her law degree, Linda Nobat would at least have the ideal prerequisites to work as the latter in the “jungle camp”. But how do you actually know the 26-year-old who is taking part in South Africa?

“Bachelor” and “Miss Hessen”: How do you know Linda Nobat?

Linda-Caroline Nobat was born on January 19, 1995 in Hanau. In addition to her appearances on TV, she studies law and works as a model. Linda Nobat took her first steps in public in 2018 when she was named “Miss Hessen”. However, she only became known to the TV audience when she vied for the favor of Bachelor Nico Griesert in 2021. Her credo “I am the perfect combination of beauty and brains” brought her to the last four. In the end, however, it was not enough for the heart of the bachelor’s degree.

Origin: Linda Nobat’s roots are in Cameroon

Family is important to Linda Nobat. It is known that she has two sisters and that the family roots are in Cameroon. Linda grew up in Hanau. Linda’s older sister Stephanie accompanies her to South Africa: “We get along great.”

Relationship: Was Erik Asla Linda Nobat’s Boyfriend?

Instead of a bachelor’s degree, however, Nobat apparently had no less than Tyra Banks’ ex-boyfriend, photographer Erik Asla, shortly thereafter. The relationship is said to have petered out shortly afterwards. The rumor mill was fired at that time by a photo of Nobat, which, it seems, was taken by himself. Both published it at the time on their Instagram accounts, like “Promiflash“reported.

Linda Nobat shows everything: Playboy photos before participating in the jungle camp


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These twelve stars will be in the jungle camp in 2022

Celebrity fees: Which candidate earns the most in the 2022 jungle camp?


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Linda Nobat: Naked Photos for “Playboy”

Even before she moved into the jungle camp, the name could be read everywhere – Linda Nobat undressed for “Playboy”. The result can be admired in the February issue of the men’s magazine. Whether she shows herself so freely in the jungle camp will be revealed from January 21st. Then the 15th season of “I’m a star – get me out of here!”

Forgiven or Single? This is Linda Nobat’s relationship status

Linda Nobut is currently single. “I have no boyfriend,” she says in the “Playboy” interview.

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