Love Nwantiti: Nigerian singer CKay thanks social networks –


The 26-year-old artist became known thanks to the fact that his song went viral on TikTok …

CKay, a 26-year-old Nigerian Afrobeat singer, made his way into the international music industry thanks to TikTok that made his 2019 song ‘Love Nwantiti’ viral, responsible for several trends in that social network of Chinese origin.

The song went viral in September 2021 and gave CKay, whose real name is Chukwuka Ekweani, the opportunity to travel and sing in other settings, far from their country.

Recently, in December, the singer was thrilled to see the packed English O2 Arena when he took the stage to sing Love Nwantiti.

In an interview with the ABC television network in the United States, CKay thanked social networks for spreading his music and making himself known, as people began to investigate who the singer was: “Thank God,” he commented.

For the artist, Afrobeat is the new pop: “And pop is popular music, people love pop and I am happy to bring Afrobeat to other countries,” he said.

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