Ludwika Paleta confesses that she thought about leaving acting because of her characters –

Ludwik’s Palette

The actress of Polish origin stated that she did not want to be pigeonholed …

Ludwika Paleta confessed in a recent interview that she was about to abandon her artistic career because there came a time when she was pigeonholed into a certain character profile.

The Polish-born actress commented: “There was a time when I had to decide whether I wanted to continue acting or continue studying and dedicate myself to something else, because there were many things that I was no longer liking,” said Ludwika, who no longer felt comfortable because they always offered similar characters, villains and wealthy social class.

Emiliano Salinas’s wife decided to continue, and assures that dedicating oneself to acting is serious, although sometimes it is thought to be frivolous and easy: difficult work that is full of ups and downs, you have to go out to work even though sometimes you don’t feel well ”.

Ludwika says that by now she can live her private life very separate from her career as a public figure:

“When you are a child you do not understand fame, however today I can tell you that I learned to separate my personal life from my professional life, and I enjoy it all.”

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