Luis Castañeda Lossio: Personal doctor of former mayor confirmed cause of death

This morning It was announced that the former mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda Lossio died at the age of 76 of cardiac arrest. According to his family doctor, the renowned politician was fighting for several years against chronic diseases.

In conversation with the Panamericana TV newscast, the doctor assured that this game is very hard for the entire family, friends and great politicians who accompanied Castañeda throughout his tenure as mayor.

“Dr. Luis Castañeda died at 5:30 in the morning at the Rebagliati hospital of cardiac arrest. He was with some ailments, hospitalized for a few days. After the complications of the last days his death occurs “, expressed the head doctor of the former mayor.

“He had chronic diseases that unfortunately led to his health declining and now it is a great pain for the family, for the country and for his friends”, added.

Although he did not want to give more details of the illnesses suffered by the former mayor of Lima, Dr. Rubio assured that despite all these ailments, Castañeda was an example of strength.

“Luis Castañeda was a very strong man. On two occasions he overcame two cardiac arrests. He went ahead and immediately continued his work and completed his management in the best way. Its strength must be highlighted “, indicated his great friend and doctor.

“The final complications have not been overcome and the regrettable thing is that we lose a great man of our country”, he added very distressed by the situation.

So far it is not known what will be the fate of the remains of the former mayor of Lima, but Dr. Rubio assured that the family will give a statement to give more details to friends, colleagues and relatives.

“In a few hours the family will meet to decide what will be done and we will officially communicate it”, he pointed out.

In a conversation with the ATV newscast, the mayor of Miraflores did not hesitate to offer condolences to the family for the sudden departure of Luis Castañeda Lossio, in addition to offering the municipality’s facilities to watch over the remains of the former politician.

Former mayor of Lima died at the age of 73 after battling various chronic diseases.


The Rebagliati Healthcare Network reported in August 2021, through a statement that the former mayor arrived at the hospital’s emergency service and received adequate and immediate attention.

They added that Luis Castañeda Lossio He received medical attention for the case and that a specialized team monitored his progress.

The network also stated on that occasion that health care personnel maintained permanent communication with the family, to whom they provided a detailed report on the patient’s situation. The cause of the attention was not detailed in the statement.


“We have to remember him as that vital person who worked so hard, and dreamed so much as he said”, said Juárez, who was his deputy mayor during his tenure.

Juárez stated that in recent weeks, Castañeda LossioHe was admitted to the Rebagliati Hospital and underwent an operation, which, although it was successful, “his health was very poor.”

“This is the end of a great public manager who always wanted to do the best for the people who had the least,” added Juárez.

The Fujimori parliamentarian indicated that the former mayor no longer received visits due to his complicated state of health. “If you have had a lot of health problems in recent times”, ended.


Former mayor of Lima Luis Castañeda Lossio died today at the age of 76
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