Luis Ernesto Gómez to ‘put on the 10’ as the new Chief of Cabinet in the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá

Luis Ernesto Gómez had been serving in the local administration as government secretary.

Luis Ernesto Gomez, who assumes as new chief of staff of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, explained that one of the greatest challenges of his new position will be to coordinate all the entities of the District and, therefore, the main reason for this modification was due to the change of priorities of the local administration.

According to the official, Claudia López’s first two years as mayor were marked by attention to the pandemic, with all the social effects that the situation implied, and from now on his work will focus on improve the safety and mobility of the city.

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In dialogue with RCN Radio, Gómez stated that “the mayor’s instruction is that she may be coordinating (the district entities) so that large infrastructure projects in terms of mobility go ahead, so that the maintenance of the road network that involves the participation of many entities goes ahead “.

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