Luis Miguel could be bankrupt due to an accident –

Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel

Magazine affirms that the singer is almost without money and in depression …

According to Radio Fórmula, Luis Miguel was about to go bankrupt due to the pandemic, but mainly due to an injury he suffered after an accident in a Los Angeles hotel.

The publication that collected information from the magazine Tvnotas, indicates that due to the pandemic, the singer would have stopped his tours and concerts, in addition to the fear of being infected would have led him to isolate himself in various hotels, until in one he suffered an accident, at losing his balance when he brought a few extra glasses.

Still according to the magazine, he was immediately transferred to a private hospital, where he was operated on. However, poor care for his injury caused him to develop gangrene on his shoulder and he was on the verge of losing his arm.

“He had to undergo studies, another operation and rehabilitation, which would have caused financial problems, because he currently has no income.”

In the same report, the publication assures that the singer wasted his money on “excesses, alcohol, women and the rent of a hotel floor to recover from his injury.”

“Despite the fact that the famous man obtained 300 million dollars for the realization of three seasons on his life in the Netflix bioseries, he would have already spent all his money, so he is now in depression, and living in a house that he lent a friend in Los Angeles, “says Tvnotas.

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