Luis Miguel’s aunt continues to accuse the singer’s father for the disappearance of his mother –

Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel

Adua Basteri wants her nephews to tell the truth about Marcela Basteri …

Adua Basteri, Luis Miguel’s great aunt, assures the Venteaneando program that Luisito Rey, the singer’s father, is responsible for the disappearance of his mother Marcela, who since 1986 has been reported missing.

Adua, sister of Sergio Basteri, father of Marcela spoke about the disappearance of her niece, saying:

“She told me that I had to travel to Madrid to sign some documents so that Luis Miguel could make some presentations in Chile, since he was a minor, but a month passed and he didn’t call me, I told my brother Sergio, and He said, “What do we do?” I spoke to Luisito’s house, the mother-in-law (Luisito’s mother) answered, and she only said: ‘I don’t understand him, I don’t understand him’ and hung up the phone, then the number no longer existed, ”he reveals.

Adua Basteri believes that it is time for her nephews to tell the truth, since at this point they can no longer be deceived as when they were children.

The lady pointed out that Luisito told her children that their mother had a boyfriend in Italy:

“But that was not true … Luis Miguel came to look for his mother, because he did not know anything about her,” said Adua, stating that she is sure that Luisito Rey, the singer’s father, is behind the disappearance of Marcela and her children know. It would be better if they spoke, because it is time to end all this, it seems to me that it is the least they can do ”.