Madonna: Fans react to daring photos of the singer in networks

“Angel watching over me”, was the description that Madonna wrote in the publication she made this Wednesday on her Instagram account, an account with more than 16 million followers and to whom she shared ten photographs that not only shocked netizens, but also generated an intense debate between what should or should not be published on social media.

The sexagenarian singer appears inside a bedroom lying on a bed with sheets, pillows and even a white duvet, while she wears a sassy lingerie composed of fishnet stockings that reached the upper part of her abdomen, a thong and a bra that left practically nothing to the imagination, which she combined with a necklace with a cross pendant, bracelets and black heels by the designer Christian Louboutin for its characteristic red sole.

INSTAGRAM / @ madonna

However, what most provoked the reaction of the people is that the shots were made with what they defined as “porn style”, calling them unworthy and alarming.

Although it is not the first time that Madonna publishes daring snapshots on her social networks, this series of images quickly they stirred up the millions of followers of the singer, as well as her detractors, who did not hesitate to fill the comment box with opinions divided between those who applauded the publication and Madonna’s audacity and those who criticized her for confusing Instagram with Pornhub.


“This is getting a bit embarrassing now. Your kids must be very proud of you, we’ve seen a lot with the Sex book and it was brave then…”; “WHY MADONNA?… You are better than this!”; “Instead of taking these ridiculous photos, make quality music like you used to do”; “Having self-respect at this age will suit you better,” were some of the negative comments received by what is better known as the “Queen of Pop.”



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