Magic triumphs with a good dose of “Charm”

Colombia, land of generous-hearted people and the best coffee in the world, is also a country of handsome music, good joke-tellers and overflowing culture. With all these elements, it was a matter of a short time for Disney to turn its gaze to this South American nation in search of a good story, and found it endowed with a lot of “Charm”, a feature film that opens in our country this November 25.

With the “Madrigal” family as the protagonist, “Encanto” tells us the story of its peculiar members and the house where they live, all endowed with a magical ability … all except “Mirabel”, who amid so much prodigy, is the only person we could call “normal”. She feels out of place, until her family and even the home where they live begin to lose their abilities, and it is at that moment where our protagonist will discover everything special about her.

Stephanie Beatriz, actress who gives her voice to “Mirabel”, explains that “like her, we have all felt out of place or a bit useless in life (laughs), but we also know that deep down what we need is a vote of confidence”.

Unlike other protagonists of Disney films (princess or warriors for the most part), “Mirabel” is, according to Stephanie, a normal girl, which allows her to have greater empathy with her. “She feels uncomfortable, anxious, she doesn’t know what to do many times, doesn’t that happen to all of us? (laughs) She is not a princess, but I think she is something better: A heroine. It emphasizes more the courage, the will and the desire to overcome adversity ”, he notes, in a talk with EL INFORMADOR.

“Encanto” is a film where multiple voices are added to the cast, and it has among its merits that the voice actors were allowed to improvise on more than one occasion, giving color and richness to a film that promises to steal from the heart of the spectators.

To laugh and to cry

“Encanto” wouldn’t be a film based on Latino culture without the element of drama (very ‘novel’), says John Leguizamo, who gives voice to “Bruno”: “There are a couple of moments that made me cry in the film , even though I am an adult. First, because I was able to see all the colors of my country through this film. I was able to see my family, we are like in the movie and now everyone will be able to enjoy it ”.

As it happened with “Coco”, in this tape music plays a key role. The songs and the construction of the sounds were carried out by Lin-Manuel Miranda, a New York histrion with Puerto Rican roots who in recent years has become one of the most sought after in the Disney house, after his success on Broadway with the staging of “Hamilton” scene.

Lin-Manuel dedicated almost four years of research to Colombian culture (he traveled long periods to that country), because in addition to seeking to immerse himself in its music, he tried to soak up its culture, words, flavors and traditions. The result is a solid soundtrack and at the same time that it connects with the viewer, especially those of us who are Latinos.

Mauro Castillo, who gives voice to “Félix”, explains that in the musical section, salsa and Caribbean rhythms dominate, although viewers will find in the lyrics of the songs beautiful references to family love and the strength found in being united, a genuine “power”, which without being spectacular, is essential to overcome any test.

“For those of us who participate in the film, it has another special ingredient,” Castillo adds, “since we recorded the voices during the pandemic. It was for many of us an escape from hard times, and we want that to be for the people who see it: A reminder that the world can always get ahead if we stick together. “

The characters and their powers:

Mirabel: The youngest in the house and apparently without any magical gift.

Alma “Abuela” Madrigal: The matriarch of the family, her three children were those who were born with powers, who have been “inheriting”, except “Mirabel.”

Isabela: The older sister is a real princess. In its path everything blooms and turns green.

Luisa: The middle sister. It is very strong.

Bruno: He is the uncle of “Mirabel”, he can predict the future.

Antonio: Communicates with animals.

Juliet: “Mirabel’s” mother heals people through her food.

Paper: Very emotional, which is bad, because according to his mood, he controls the weather.

Dolores: She has a super ear, which makes her a bit gossipy.



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