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Sharjah: Aladdin Mahmoud
The popular poet Majid Al Menhali recalls positions and stations that had a decisive impact on his creative experience, turns papers dear to his heart, and deals with the experiences of Nabati poetry in the UAE and some Gulf countries.

Al-Menhali refers to his beginnings with popular poetry in 1995, when he was 15 years old, talking about his first texts, which is a simple spontaneous poem, explaining that the poetry of beginnings mostly comes spontaneously, as it expresses the poet’s vision of things at that stage.

Al-Menhali confirms that he holds a special appreciation for those early texts, which of course do not resemble what he wrote today, but are nonetheless related to sentiments and intimate and beautiful memories. With all its facts close to the heart.”

nice time

In the context of his talk about the movement of poetry in general, Al-Menhali explained that it was distinct, and there were councils of poets, which increased the warmth and appreciation of poetry; Where there was great interest in it, and there were television programs specialized in poetry in all its popular and modern forms. The poems were given at weddings, celebrations, and various occasions; So he had his own unique presence; This was considered a natural matter in relation to the position of poetry among the Arabs in general, as it is their court and preserver of their memories and days.


Al-Menhali regrets the reality of popular poetry at the present time, as interest in it has become less than before, stressing its necessity in public life. For folk poetry to remain immortal in the memory, with its values ​​that encourage chivalry, generosity, authenticity and other authentic values, and with the invitation to be associated with beautiful traditions and customs, it has always been the literature that was associated with the Arabs and they were famous for it, and demanded the necessity of paying attention to this literary achievement in a manner befitting him. Al-Menhali stops at the folk poetry festivals, which had a major role in refining the taste of new creators, improving their tools and linking them to the experiences of pioneers. Rather, in the entire Gulf region; Where it remained known as the new creations of the region’s creators, as it is an important occasion for communication between creators.

The poet of the million

Al-Menhali points to an important station that has a role in developing popular poetry in the UAE and the Gulf countries, which is the Million Poet Program and Competition, stressing that it has provided a lot to the literature and poetry movement and contributed to the presence of distinguished creators, explaining that television channels are no longer interested in literature as in the past, and must For the media in general to play its role in reviving the popular poetry movement, as interest in it by the media has become weak, and there are no plans to spread popular poetry at the level of educational institutions, explaining that old and modern channels and media have become more interested in drama and series, and no longer care about materials Scientific, cognitive and literary.

poetic environment

And about the poets who were influenced by him, and who had a positive role in his creative career, Al-Menhali referred to his father’s experience as an imprint in popular poetry. He also referred in particular to the poems and poems of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, as he was a poet with an experience She is unique and wonderful. She is a teacher in the field of poetry. Al-Menhali notes that he lived in a home that loved literature, and an environment that celebrated poetry. Where he used to follow poetry from its various sources, which contributed to enriching his experience and his tendency to organize poetry as it is today.

Technology Impact

Al-Menhali stressed the positive impact of technology on poetic creativity, as there are many activists in various social networking sites, which have become an important platform for introducing the experiences of popular poets, and they played a good role in the poetry movement, but at the same time they do not surround all experiences, and some of them cannot To prepare a platform for writing poetry, such as Twitter, pointing out that the origin of popular poetry is recitation; Since writing cannot convey the entire content of the poem to the recipient, Al-Menhali points out that not all poetic writings published on these sites for young people are good, despite the presence of creative radiances, some of the new poets do not have enough talent.

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