Malandros steal a tremendous truck from a woman who had just bought it in the Modelo Norte neighborhood

The Colonel Herberth Benavides, Inspection and Surveillance Officer of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police (Mebog) said on the La Cariñosa 610 AM station that another case occurred two hours later, in the same Barrios Unidos town, but this time in the sector San Fernando.

A family that came out of a chicken roaster in the area, at the time they were trying get into your Totoya Prado TXL truck, were surprised by three thugs, who they got out of a private car, which they parked in front of the stolen vehicle, to commit the wrongdoing.

The scoundrels, after targeting those present and treating them badly, took the car, but They did not know that it had a GPS satellite system which allowed his location hours later inside a parking lot in the town of Ciudad Bolívar in the south of the country’s capital.

In the police action there were no arrests, But already, special hounds are on the trail of the components of these companies dedicated to crime.

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