Man donates kidney to his mother-in-law and his girlfriend after he married another man

Although several netizens made fun of what happened, others praised him for his bravery.

What is he capable of doing for love? For many people, being in a romantic relationship means giving up more than feelings, and on many occasions they are capable of doing ‘crazy things’, without regretting anythinggives; to later be very disappointed.

This was the case of a man identified on TikTok as Uziel Martínez, who, through his official account, published a video in which he is seen with a disappointed face, telling the story of how, in a very circumstantial moment in life, and when i knowHis mother-in-law was going through a delicate moment of health, he out of love for his girlfrienday to help his mother, he makes the decision to donate one of his kidneys.

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However, the story takes a great turn, since days after the surgical procedure was performed, and everything was a complete success. The woman who at the time was his sentimental partner, made the decision to leave him and marry another man that she would be the ideal person and the one who stole all her attention.

The video of the story went viral and many people did not hesitate to comment; some criticizing him for the gesture he had with the lady, and others flattered him, saying that this is something very generous, even though the relationship did not continue to work.

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Although it is unknown if the ex-partner of this subject continues with his romantic relationship, what is true is that this story is going around the world, and is attached to the unusual cases of the young man who left Harvard to be with his girlfriend, and soon after they finished; or that of the girl who gave her vehicle to her ex-boyfriend and later abandoned her.

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