Man had his nepe reduced after contracting Covid-19

Doctors who studied the emergency said that this could be permanent.

A man, whose identity remains anonymous, He has the entire male gender on edge due to a serious health problem that he presented after having successfully overcome covid-19

The 30-year-old subject, who declared himself heterosexual, said he had circulation problems after being hospitalized for several days; something that brought him problems in the sexual area. Days after feeling in optimal health conditions he began to suffer from erectile dysfunction, he said on a sexuality advice podcast called How To Do It.

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According to the data collections that were given in the Daily Mail newspaper, this also brought him self-esteem problems, since as he commented; “I’ve lost my skills in bed.” However, thanks to the therapy received by the doctors, the dysfunction problem was able to be cured.

On the other hand, there was something that worried this man who lives in the United States more. After having normally overcome this problem that afflicted him, he was able to notice that his member decreased in size and lost 4cm in length.

“My member has shrunk. Before I got the virus I was above average normal, not giant, but definitely bigger than normal. Now I have lost about 4cm and I am somewhat below average“, he pointed.

Experts on the subject, after several tests, managed to determine that this is due to serious damage to the erectile muscle tissue, something that is very discouraging, considering that this is something that has no turning back, so this guy will have to live with his smaller penis

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This it also occurs because erectile dysfunction has been around for a long time, so, when starting a treatment, it can get used to being in little function of erection, which causes the shrinkage of the member.

The “Covid Dick or Penis Covid” scientific name that this sequel has adopted, can be frequent and is one of the serious consequences left by the virus.

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