Man opened the door of his house to the ‘pelona’ in the south of Bogotá

The Ciudad Bolívar neighbor came out to see who was knocking on the door of his home and a subject fatally shot him.

A citizen, residing in the south of the country’s capital, opened the door of his house to see who was knocking and what he received was a rain of reply what left lifeless.

This new crime occurred in the last hours in the neighborhood La Estrella de la town Ciudad Bolívar in the city.

The Bogotá Alert newscast from the station The Affectionate 610 AM learned that the victim, identified as Hendry Rafael Albornoz when he heard someone knocking on the door of his residence, responded to the call, but when he looked out, received the projectiles of a pistol that he left it near the living room of the building.

While the executioner escaped, Albornoz, who was engaged in the home rental of washing machines, was lying on the tiles no vital signs.

Hendry Rafael’s relatives and neighbors tried to help him, but could do nothing, because the death was almost instantaneous.