Man recorded swarm of rats walking through renowned restaurant

The recording details how the rodents run out of the area where the food is kept.

A recognized restaurant located in Washington, United States, is in the eye of a hurricane due to an invasion generated by several rodents, close to the place where food is stored.

This was recorded in a video that he published a man on his TikTok account @ blaqzzrick01, which quickly went viral. There it is possible to observe how it enters the place; once inside, he says that he has access even though he does not pay attention to the public, since he is an authorized food distributor.

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Subsequently, while carefully engraving inside Popeyes, which has been characterized as a food chain that sells one of the best fried chicken in the state, is observed as a group of about 5 mice run away quickly, climbing a channel, which would be the duct through which the air conditioning passes and also the ventilation of the premises.

“Look at them, look at them. Do you still love Popeyes chicken? “These are the words that this citizen expresses, while he hits, and rodents are still coming out of their hiding places. Making a clear call to the frequent customers of this place, to not consume their products.

Before the impression of this subject, he did not hesitate to publish the clip through his social networks, with the sole objective of giving a message about the pest problem they have in this prestigious restaurant. However, he did not think that this recording had such an impact.

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The health authorities went to the scene to realize that what was shown was true, and by checking directly with the establishment, they decided to close the place for violating the rules of sanitation and food production, which guarantees the freshness of the food, as mentioned in the Fox News newspaper.

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