Man ‘stuck’ them to a crocodile because he almost ‘snapped’ it

The man in the midst of despair, tried to grab some branches to get away, but the force of the crocodile dragged him back.

Local authorities on the Cape York peninsula, in Australia, still do not come out of astonishment after the unusual case reported by doctors from the health center. Is about a man who arrived seriously injured after being attacked by a crocodile that tried to devour him vicinity of a lake near this small town.

According to reports, the Australian who was on the banks of a river was trying to do fishing work, when he noticed that a bull was wandering in the area.

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The man, in the midst of despair, tried to grab some branches that were in his vicinity to be able to get away, but the strength of the crocodile was so great that he achieved his mission. However, as he could, he took out a knife that he had in his belt and gave him several stabs in his head, something that had an effect since the animal immediately released it and walked away. Later, when he drove away the mammal, this subject was attacked by the reptile that immediately with its sharp fangs tried to pull him into the depths of the waters that inhabits.

But this was not the only thing, since being badly injured, this man in the middle of the distance, reached his car as best he could, and then had to drive to the nearest hospital, where he would later be transferred to a clinic for more attention due to the strong wounds he had on his body, and that he is still recovering from what happened.

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Environmental agents, who moved to the place, confirmed that it was the attack of this voracious reptile, but they did not make their search effective, since this species according to the law that has been in force since 1971, is under protection.

However, the strong attacks that crocodiles have made, which can measure up to 5 meters and weigh more than two tons, have opened a strong debate over the control of their reproduction, because this can affect the tranquility of humans who want to do fishing and other recreational activities on the shores of these lakes.

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