Marbelle responded to rumors about a possible pregnancy

The singer answered the concerns on the subject in a question and answer session.

Marbelle He has been at the center of different news on social networks and national media, due to his musical releases, the controversies that he usually stars in Twitter for responses to other celebrities and the private life he leads with his family. The celebrity has attracted attention with her look changes, her artistic projects and the relationship she has with her partner and daughters.

However, recently, the artist caught the attention of her loyal followers of digital platforms with a question and answer dynamic that she carried out, where she released some details of her life. One of the questions triggered reactions, since it was related to their future projects, seeking to clarify the rumors that have arisen about an alleged pregnancy.

You are pregnant?“Asked the follower in the box, inquiring if at this moment the singer was undergoing a gestation process of what would be the little brother of Rafaella Chavez.

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According to what was recorded in the history of the Colombian, everything indicates that she is not yet pregnant and her plans continue to be postponed due to the artistic projects she is currently developing. Marbelle posted a short video in which, while lying down, she shakes her head indicating that she is not expecting a baby., and thus took the opportunity to put an end to rumors about this detail.

Importantly, the celebrity has expressed her wishes to have another baby to the world, but The twists and turns of life have put this dream of becoming a mother again aside on several occasions. At the moment, his fans will continue to wait for the news to become reality.

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