María Rojo joins the telenovela to replace Carmen Salinas –

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The actress confirmed that she will be in My fortune is Loving You, but she does not know more about her character …

María Rojo was confirmed to replace Carmen Salinas in the telenovela ‘My fortune is Amarte’.

The actress is still in serious condition in a hospital in Mexico City, after suffering a stroke at home.

After the announcement by her family that according to the doctors, even if she wakes up from her coma, Carmelita will not be able to return to work, the production of the melodrama confirmed Rojo in the story, that she will take another course.

In an interview to the media, the actress did not want to advance anything about her character, because she was still going to talk with producer Nicandro Díaz.

“I’m just going to talk to Nicandro, I know that yes, the news has already come out, I just saw it, but with Nicandro I’m going to talk tomorrow (…) I know that the lady has many scenes recorded, everything is quite advanced,” he said.

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