Mariana Pajón denounced massive robbery that was done to her together with her spouse

The broker detailed the facts of the theft suffered this Saturday.

Mariana Pajon made a serious complaint this Saturday, January 8, after suffered a robbery in Barcelona, as denounced by the Olympic medalist herself.

According to the athlete, both she and her partner were stolen so much sports equipment, money, like their respective passports.

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Hence, Mariana Pajón launched a social service, asking people who were in Barcelona for help if they had information about stolen documents, mainly.

“I wanted to ask you for a favor, a social service. We are here in Barcelona. Today we rode and made a very special day with a club from here. We were training and we left the car 20 meters from the track. Just across the street. And they just stole absolutely everything from us, so we kept the clothes we were wearing, literally”Said Pajón in a video that he published on social networks.

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“The papers were there in the suitcases and the backpacks that we had inside the car. If suddenly you are in Barcelona and you find our papers, our passports, the identity cards and something of us, Please we ask you to write us and tell us here. I hope you find them, we thank you in our hearts.

“We know that there are more serious things in life and that is why we have taken it that way. It has not been easy, our bike suitcases, clothing suitcases, and many more things were stolen, pBut that is all material and it is a great teaching. There are always more serious problems, “added the rider.

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