MasterChef Celebrity Mexico 2021: Celebrities prepare their dishes with “insects”

Water cockroaches, black tarantulas and scorpions defined that the poliatletla Aristeo Cázares, was the new expelled from the reality show MasterChef Celebrity.

In the final challenge, called Survival, Bebeshita, Aristeo and Mauricio Islas they had to improvise with these insects, tasting them first to know the flavor and to consider what they could combine with.

“I was about to say I’m going”Bebeshita said when she learned what they had to prepare.

The driver was touched by cockroaches, which she made in a “gordita” with guacamoles and lemon, which allowed them not to be invasive to the palate of the judges.

Aristeo settled down with some Tarantula tacos, which he removed the stingers, went through butter, and presented with a cream of garlic, onion and habanero pepper.

“If I go, I’m happy,” he said after going through the tasting.

Mauricio Islas struggled a bit with the scorpions, because when he initially tasted them he realized that they were viscous inside and acidic.

He took his chances with a barrage of flavors that included banana, onion, pepper, and a raw sauce.

“I wanted to play with the elements, take risks,” said Islas.

Chef Herrera was responsible for making the final decision known.

“You have great tenacity and you should never lose it,” he told Aristeo Cázares.

“My adventure is over and I am happy to have been part of it,” said the expelled.

The path of Aristeo Cázares to his elimination in MasterChef Celebrity

To reach this decision, there was a first challenge that consisted of the eight participants being divided into two equipment to prepare wings and thighs with some sauce and garnish.

Laura Zapata was chosen as captain of the blue team where Stephanie Salas, Matilde Obregón and former referee Francisco Chacón were.

Mauricio Islas, meanwhile, was the leader of the red team, including Bebeshita, Aristeo and Germán Montero.

The members of each one were selected after each participant ate a wire and discovered the color of their team on the toothpick.

Since Zapata assumed the captaincy, he demonstrated in agreement with his partner Chacón, that he was a good leader because he delegated. She opted to be the third to start, leaving the former referee to finish the routine.

Bebeshita, from the red team, threw a bottle of oil and then got angry when Aristeo left the team for a few moments, to support the blue one who could not with an electronic device.

“Treason,” she screamed in amusement in post-competition interviews.

Red lost, so they had to be eliminated between Bebeshita, Aristeo, Germán and Mauricio.

For the next broadcast, it was announced that the challenge will be made in Malinalco, State of Mexico, and an unclear return, of Patricia Navidad, expelled in previous broadcasts.



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